Alabama Primary Runoff Results 2014


Spice suspect gets $1 million bond

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) A man accused of trafficking spice, and allegedly acting as a partner in crime with another spice suspect, was granted $…


MPD: New spice arrest linked to Foqahaa

Mobile police continue the crackdown on spice, a drug that police say has reached epidemic portions on the gulf coast in recent months. Poli…

Crack bust

MPD: 2 More Spice Arrests

Mobile Police arrested 2 people after undercover agents say they were able to buy spice-synthetic poison at D&D One Stop Shop on Halls Mill …


MPD: Spice packaging is misleading

Mobile Police say although the packaging spice comes in may seem harmless, and somewhat sophisticated, the product inside is anything but.


MCSO introduces “Spice Text”

A simple text message to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office can help lock up the bad guys who are buying and selling spice synthetic poison.…