Cherish Lombard

cherish lombardThere is a really good possibility that I might be the biggest animal lover ever. My fiancée says he’ll change the locks if I pick up any more dogs off the side of the road and bring them home. I guess 4 is our limit… for now.

Some people collect shoes, some collect jewelry, some even collect those little spoons with states on them that you get from gas stations in the middle of nowhere when you go on vacation… I collect dogs. And we can’t forget my cat, Captain! But, she thinks she’s a dog. I’m obsessed with animals, my job and shoes! But what girl isn’t obsessed with shoes?

I graduated from South Alabama (Go Jags!) after I graduated from Murphy (Go Panthers!) I started working in radio at WABB in 2001, and was bitten by “the bug” as we call it in media. I was hired as a News Reporter at Fox 10 in 2008. In 2010 I started hosting Studio 10.

You never know where you’ll see me next, but I hope you’ll say “Hi” when you do! If you can’t wait that long, send me an email at

I’m also on Facebook and Twitter!

Be sure to watch Studio 10, weekdays at 9:00am on Fox 10!

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