Michael's Friday Forecast

Heat Advisories are up for the entire Fox 10 viewing area as temperatures are projected to reach the upper 90s today……..


Keeping cool on the football field

The opening weekend of football season will be accompanied by some of the highest temperatures and heat indexes we've seen this year. As pla…


Ways to avoid heat exhaustion

When temperatures are as high as they have been, and will be this weekend, heat exhaustion is a real risk. Heat exhaustion can develop when …


Saraland Weekend Storm Update

MOBILE, Ala.-(WALA) – Marshall’s Biscuits in Saraland was open for business Monday, but biscuits weren’t the only business going on. Repairs…


Bertha weakens to a tropical storm

Bertha has weakened to a tropical storm just a day after becoming a hurricane as it moves northward in the Atlantic, posing no direct threat…