Learn about Essential Oils April 26th

You may have heard your friends talking about using oils as part of their anti-aging routine, or to treat certain health conditions.


Salmon Pesto

Salmon Pesto is a light dish that features Mirko's fresh salmon and fresh pesto sauce.


FB Eliminating Instant Messaging

If you lose your phone, you will soon be able to disable it. Facebook is eliminating instant messaging for mobile and tablet users. And, TV …

wine pairing at lap's

Lap’s Wine Pairings: Part Two

The spring and summer season is here and the folks from Lap's Grocery and Grill joined us on Studio10 with some great wine pairing tips!


Heaven is for Real Cast Interview

Dani Dials sits down with actors Greg Kinnear, Thomas Haden Church, and director Randall Wallace to talk about their new movie, Heaven is fo…


Samsung Galaxy S5 Security Flaw

Just days after Samsung released its newest smart phone, researchers say they've already found a weakness in the phone's security. Google wa…

women's conference

Women’s Conference April 26th

Ladies, if you need some inspiration, you may be able to get it Saturday, April 26th at the "My Green Acres Women's Conference." There will …

beach ready

Procedures to get you beach ready

It's beach season but if you aren't bikini ready, Dr. Bender at Advanced Dermatology and Skin Care Center can help you get ready!


Easter Sunday savings

Hippity hop, Easter's on its way! This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 20 and if your kids are expecting a bunny to drop off some sweet …