successful homework routines

The importance of a homework routine

The new school year is well underway and with that comes work both in the classroom and out.  Depending on how old your kids are — that home…


SideChef Recipe App for iPhone

You may have to rethink if you plan on buying the new iPhone 6 on launch day. Apple suppliers are reportedly having trouble producing enough…


Quail Carbonara

Chef Scott Dumas with Pinzone’s Italian Downtown makes quail carbonara on Studio10.


Tara needs a loving home

Tara is a 10-month-old Retriever mix in need of a forever home. She was transferred from the Baldwin County Animal Shelter where she was tur…


Vine Update Allows Video Importing

Vine has released an update that finally lets users import video from their camera. Before the update, users had to record their video from …