Ultra-Fast Phone Charger

Websites are racing to fix a security flaw known as Heartbleed. Imagine being able to fully charge your cell phone in less than a minute! An…


Peach Beignets and Seafood Quiche

Back Forty Beer Company is In the Kitchen today cooking up Peach Beignets, and Lap's is whipping up a Seafood Quiche.

martin center artefill

How ARTEFILL gets rid of wrinkles

If you want a long lasting filler that you can have confidence in, then you may want to try ARTEFILL®. ARTEFILL® is injected into the skin d…


Mobile Man on Jeopardy! Tonight

A Mobile native, Ed Hagar, will be appearing on Jeopardy! tonight (Wednesday, April 9, 6pm). Ed stopped by Studio10 to talk a little bit abo…

st. francis arts and crafts festival

Art festival on Dauphin Island Saturday

One great thing about springtime is the weather, and spring is also great because this is when a lot of the festivals happen! There’s a big …


Twitter’s New Look

Netflix is now offering a higher resolution streaming service called 4K TV. Twitter is rolling out a new look to all of its users. And Amazo…


Robotics Lab Open House

You can see robots in action this week in Pensacola. The Robotics Lab is inviting you and your family to a special open house. The goal is t…