Samsung Galaxy S5 Security Flaw

Just days after Samsung released its newest smart phone, researchers say they've already found a weakness in the phone's security. Google wa…

women's conference

Women’s Conference April 26th

Ladies, if you need some inspiration, you may be able to get it Saturday, April 26th at the "My Green Acres Women's Conference." There will …

beach ready

Procedures to get you beach ready

It's beach season but if you aren't bikini ready, Dr. Bender at Advanced Dermatology and Skin Care Center can help you get ready!


Easter Sunday savings

Hippity hop, Easter's on its way! This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 20 and if your kids are expecting a bunny to drop off some sweet …


Easter in the Squares is Saturday

The Easter Bunny will be busy filling Easter baskets Sunday, but Saturday he’ll be in downtown Mobile for “Easter in the Squares!” Carol Hun…


New Scam Targets Netflix

Is Amazon coming out with a phone? Have you ever thought of Facebook as a bank? And, the Better Business Bureau is warning us about a new sc…


Lemonfish/Cobia Ceviche

The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory is In the Kitchen this morning, cooking lemonfish/cobia ceviche.


Heaven is for Real: Burpo Interview

The Burpo's have an incredible story that's being heard around the world. When Colton for four-years-old, he had an emergency surgery, durin…


VDay at South Alabama

The University of South Alabama is recognizing "VDay" this week. It's a movement to stop violence against women.


Crawfish Bisque

The Kitchen on George is In the Kitchen cooking up Crawfish Bisque.