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Tomato Pie

Jose Kreek and Donna Och from the Blake at Malbis are making tomato pie on Studio10.

Spiced Rub Roasted Pork Tenderloin and sweet potatoes

Spice Rubbed & Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Lucy Greer from Greer's Market and Catering is in the Studio10 Kitchen. Today we are making a spiced rub to go on a pork tenderloin and we a…

spicy shrimp and pepper toss

Spicy Shrimp and Bell Pepper Toss

This meal is super easy, quick, and tastes Amazing! It gives you 74% of your daily need for vitamin A in the form of carotenoids. As antioxi…

Veal Involtini

Veal Involtini

Chef Scott Dumas from Pinzone's Italian Village is in the Studio10 Kitchen making a special Veal dish.


Angus Steak & Roasted Garlic Pizza

Papa Murphy's is in the kitchen cooking up the Angus Steak & Roasted Garlic pizza, which has a white garlic sauce, steak, mushrooms, green o…

Fence Post Beer Battered Tacos

Fence Post Beer Battered Fish Taco

Chef Carl Tilley from Kitchen on George is making Fence Post beer battered fish taco with a Chipotle cream and cilantro cream. He also has t…

mediterranean baked shrimp

Mediterranean Baked Shrimp

Lucy Greer from Greer's Market and Catering is putting together a delicious baked pasta dish with a homemade Vinaigrette dressing to go on y…