Easter Sunday savings

Hippity hop, Easter's on its way! This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 20 and if your kids are expecting a bunny to drop off some sweet treats, there are some simple cheap ways to make that happen.…

Tax Tips for Procrastinators

The deadline to file your taxes is just around the corner and the pressure is on for procrastinators. You have one week left to get your records straight.…
cleaning up your credit

Spring cleaning your finances

Spring has sprung and now is a good time not only to spruce up your house, but also to tidy up your personal finances so you start this new quarter with a fresh start.…
online deal sites

Best daily deal websites

Websites like Google Offers, Groupon, SweetJack and LivingSocial are used by local businesses to lure in new customers. The good part about that is, you get a discount on the products. So, with a variety of sites trying to grab your attention, is one site better than another?…
spring break

Spring Break savings

Mobile and Baldwin County Public Schools begin Spring Break the week of April 14 and if you haven’t planned anything yet don’t fret! There’s plenty to do around the Gulf Coast to keep the kids entertained for the week.…

Changing your name? Follow these steps

If you've ever planned a wedding you know there's a lot to think about, and one thing that may seem small is changing your last name. This applies to newlyweds, but also anyone considering changing their name.…
march money

March means spring savings

From spring cleaning to tax returns the month of March offers a lot of opportunities for you to save so if you’re trying to squeeze more savings out of every month you’re in luck.…
safe harbor

Medicaid Estate Recovery Surprise

Studio10 stopped by Safe Harbor Financial to learn about the "Medicaid Estate Recovery Surprise." Jim Byrd from Safe Harbor explained it to us. …

Protect yourself from scams

Scam artists are always trying to target unsuspecting victims through the internet, phones and credit cards. They're finding more ways to try to steal our identities and take our money so we have to stay on top of our game! …
broken phones

Cell phones: sell or repair?

How many times have you dropped your cell phone only to pick it up and see the screen is cracked? Perhaps it got wet in the rain or you jumped into a pool with it still in your p...


Save money by saving energy

We’re always looking for ways to save and cut costs and an easy way to do so is to cut back on your energy usage.

The first step in saving is knowing what you’re spending. Fin...

stock market

Stock market and retirement

Jim Byrd from Safe Harbor Financial joined us on Studio10 with a look at the current and future state of the stock market.

Below is a look at some of the questions and answe...

mardi gras dresses

Mardi Gras Gowns for less

Going to Mardi Gras balls can be a lot of fun but getting that perfect gown can be expensive. The good news is in Mobile and BaldwinCounties, there are several consignmen...


FAQ’s about your tax return

It’s tax season and the deadline to file your tax return is Tuesday, April 15th. Dan Boone, IRS Media Specialist, talked with Cherish Lombard and answered some frequen...


Free Tax help to those who qualify

Jackie Pober, Regional Coordinator at Impact Alabama, tells Cherish Lombard some families in Mobile are eligible for free tax preparation services. Services will b...


5 reasons to file taxes early

January 31 marked the start of tax season which means it’s time to get all those receipts in order.

Tax season is a little delayed this year, but you don’t wa...

inheriting an ira

Inheriting an IRA

In this edition of “Dollars and Sense”, Jim Byrd from Safe Harbor Financial joins us to talk about Inheriting an IRA.

Below is a look at some of the question...

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