Google’s Shelfie

Google just can't get away from all the April Fool's Day jokes. Now the company is taking credit for selfies!


SAT gets a makeover

A big test is right around the corner. It could determine where you — or your children — go to college. And, here's the catch: that test i…


Become a Google Pokemon Master?

It looks like all those years of playing Pokémon is finally paying off.  Google has posted a video Youtube challenge in order to find its ne…

choosing a daycare

Choosing a Daycare

It's a big decision for Moms and Dads. We're talking about daycare. How do you choose the right one — the best one — for your child? It ca…


Amazon Free Streaming Service?

Microsoft wasn’t the only company making headlines in the tech world Thursday; rumors of a streaming service from Amazon had a lot of techie…


Twitter Photo Tagging Is Here!

Twitter has announced some new features to its mobile app.   In a blog posting, the social networking company the changes are meant to make …

Darius Lacey

FUGITIVE FILES Rosedale Robbery

You have another chance to catch a fugitive and make your neighborhood a little safer. All you need is your phone. Our suspect is Darius Lac…


National Cyber Safety Campaign

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, has launched a national campaign to help protect kids from online sexual predators.  The cyber …


Facebook buys virtual reality firm

NEW YORK (AP) – Facebook has agreed to buy Oculus for $2 billion, betting that its virtual reality technology may be a new way for people to…

broken phones

Digital Cleaning

(CNN) Whether its apps cluttering your smartphone, or tablet, or old devices gathering dust in a drawer, chances are your digital life could…