UPDATE: Jeffrey Sewell surrendered after appearing on FOX10 News Fugitive Files.  He is the 612th suspect to be arrested and the 321st to su…

USS Freedom

GAO examines LCS program

The U.S. government’s Government Accountability Office (GAO) says the U.S. Navy should take a closer look at the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) …


Hologram Phonecalls, not so far far away

It’s safe to say that just about every person who has seen the 1977 flick Star Wars remembers the scene where Princess Leia a hologram of Pr…

summer learning

Summertime learning

Experts say learning should happen year-round, especially when school is out.


Owl Cam Season!

Talk about having a bird’s eye view!  People online are able to get a glimpse into the nesting den of an arctic snowy owl. A high-def camera…


Router: No Chores, No Net

A wireless router being pitched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter will only allow internet access after household chores have been completed.…


Feds Accuse T-Mobile of Bogus Billing

The Federal Trade Commission is accusing T-Mobile of knowingly billing customers for hundreds of dollars in bogus charges. The agency claims…


JET Magazine Digital App

CHICAGO — On Monday, June 30, 2014, Johnson Publishing Company, launched its new JET magazine app.  The app replaces the printed edition of …


Facebook’s Manipulation Study

It looks like social media giant Facebook has been caught toying with its users emotions.  That’s the word following a 2012 study where Face…


The Interview: Julian Stewart

Since 1999, some students at Alma Bryant High School in south Mobile County have learned hands on the science and business of Aquaculture. J…