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Smartphone app warns of sick spots

A new application is helping travelers from getting sick. Just as Doppler radar scans the skies for indicators of bad weather, Sickweather s…


Refunds for AT&T Customers

AT&T wireless customers may want to take a closer look at their old phone bills because they may have money coming back to them.


Twitter sues FBI, DOJ

Twitter is suing the FBI and the Department of Justice to be able to release more information about government surveillance of its users


HP splits

Personal computer sales have been in a slump for years, as customers flock to increasingly powerful smartphones, tablets and other mobile de…


Microsoft’s New OS

Microsoft skips Windows 9 and heads right to 10 for it’s new operating system.


Ello, the new Facebook?

A new social network that promises no advertisements, called Ello, is being dubbed the anti-Facebook.


The Blackberry Passport

BlackBerry launched a new smartphone Wednesday as the embattled Canadian company hopes for a comeback.

Josh Hughes

FUGITIVE FILES Dislocated Arm…Robbery

It didn’t take long for our latest suspect on FOX 10 News Fugitive Files to wind up in the metro jail. Now, it’s time to find someone who is…