Ello, the new Facebook?

A new social network that promises no advertisements, called Ello, is being dubbed the anti-Facebook.


The Blackberry Passport

BlackBerry launched a new smartphone Wednesday as the embattled Canadian company hopes for a comeback.


Facebook news feed changes

You know how Facebook tends to show you lots of old stuff in your news feed you haven’t cared about in a couple of days. Well, that’s about …


Minecraft Sold!

Microsoft’s decision to spend $2.5 billion for the creator of the hit game “Minecraft” could help the Xbox maker grab attention on mobile ph…


Facebook tests vanishing posts

Don’t look now, but it looks like Facebook is following in the footsteps of rival messaging app Snapchat.

Tim Cook

Apple’s New iPhone 6; Watch

Apple unveiled its long-anticipated smartwatch Tuesday, introducing a device that transplants the features of an iPhone onto a smaller scree…


Samsung’s new gadgets

Samsung unveiled two smartphones and a virtual-reality headset Wednesday in a bid to draw consumer attention before its fierce rival, Apple,…


Apple September 9th Event

Apple’s latest product launch will be in a setting that holds a special place in its history, signaling how big this event is for the compan…

gopro fetch

GoPro cameras going to the dogs

Make way for GoPro Fetch! It’s a mount for GoPro cameras that lets users capture the world from their dogs point of view.