Daily Weather Forecast

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Today: Mostly Sunny with Low Humidity

Highs: Inland-75, Coast-73

Tonight: Clear & Much Cooler

Lows: Inland-43, Coast-47

Weather Summary: We had a cold front push through yesterday afternoon and that brought a few showers and it has given us cooler temperatures with much lower humidity this morning. The sky is projected to be Mostly Sunny with a high of around 74 degrees in most spots. Tonight, without the clouds to hold in the warmth, we’ll see lows in the mid 40s. There will be a 2’nd front that will push through Friday night and that will make it MUCH colder for the weekend. Lows drop to around 39 Friday night with a high Saturday of only 59 degrees. The good news is that there is NO chance for rain through Sunday and we’ll see warmer temps return next week.




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