Mobile County losing the Last Appomattox

KUSHLA, Ala. (WALA) – It’s been called the “Last Appomattox” and now much of it is up for sale. Magee Farm in Kushla was where the last army of Confederate troops surrendered, now after failing as a museum much of the property is being sold off.

History for sale

“All these paintings here, these three large along with the smaller paintings, will be offered in the sale,” Bill Appling owner of Antiques and Estates said looking over some paintings on the wall of his store.

Appling has sold items from estate sales before, but none quite like these. When it comes to historic properties it’s hard to find one more historic than Magee Farm north of Kushla on Highway 45. At the home, in 1865 Confederate general Richard Taylor surrendered his army of 47,000 men, the last major surrender of the Civil War. For years the property was run as a museum, but it was never profitable and now the owners are selling the history inside.

“This is it. There’s not going to be any further items from Magee farms,” Appling said.

Pre-dates the Civil War

The families that lived in the house in the 1800s left behind unique furniture and artwork, some of it pre-dating the Civil War.

“The items that we got are one of a kind. You’re not ever going to see these paintings again, these pieces of furniture,” Appling said. “They came from that house. They were in that house for over 100 years.”

Appling hopes the people who buy the pieces respect the history they represent and take care of them for the future.

Owning history

Right now just a handful of items are on display, but over time they’ll be bringing more out to show to folks. Thursday night’s preview continues until 7:00pm at Antiques and Estates downtown on South Conception Street. If you miss the early preview the store is open Wednesday through Sunday.

An estate sale is expected at a later date to sell some of the smaller items. The date for that has yet to be set.

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