Spanish Fort residents say bluff is constantly eroding

SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WALA) – Construction is more than half way complete by the city of Spanish Fort in its $2.5 million dollar project to stop bluff erosion on two properties on Patrician Drive. One neighbor says she wants the city to look at more than just those two properties.

The repair work began in July 2014. It follows a long legal battle with the city of Spanish Fort by two homeowners who blamed their loss of property on the city, claiming it didn’t maintain the drainage system.  The city settled the case by agreeing to purchase the endangered properties.

Dawn Prouty lives just down the street. She said the city needs to take care of the entire neighborhood including her property. Prouty said she has lost over 18 feet in her backyard and it keeps edging closer to her bedroom window.

“It’s constantly deteriorating. I’ve lost all vegetation, so every large rain that we have, it’s more and more footage, ” Prouty said. “Then I’m in threat of falling out my bedroom window off of the bluff.”

Prouty said she already has land purchased where she would like to build a new home next to where her mother lives, but she can’t move because she can’t sell the house on the bluff.

“I’m stuck here. No one in their right mind will buy this house as a result of the situation out here,” said Prouty.

She said she thinks the deterioration of her backyard is also a result of improper drainage and she wants the city to take care of it.

“Every dime is tied up in this home. I cannot build. I cannot move. I cannot build behind my mother’s home to assist my elderly mother and take care of her which was our true plan. I’m stuck here, waiting on a response, and I have nothing.”

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