Possible Home Depot Security Breach

Home Depot is investigating a possible credit card security breach. The company announced that it’s investigating “some unusual activity”. There could be a breach in the company’s electronic security wall. Home Depot says its working with banks and law enforcement to see what’s going on. The company promises to alert customers if, in fact, their security system was hacked.

And, Netflix is giving subscribers a more discreet way of recommending movies and shows to Facebook friends. This comes after the company realized most people don’t want to share what they’ve watched with a large audience. Now, after you finish watching a TV show or movie, Netflix will ask if you want to suggest the video to a friend. Then, you can choose specifically who who’d like to share with. Those people will be notified the next time they log in, or Netflix will send them a private message using Facebook Messenger.

That’s your Daily Tech.

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