Tracking Twitter, Kids and Pets

Twitter is now showing you the performance level of each and every tweet you send. In the past, this information was only open to advertisers and verified users. Now, you can see how many people saw your tweet, and how many of those people actually clicked your links. This could be useful information to businesses, or anyone trying to promote themselves. The information is accessed through twitter’s analytics dashboard. You can open the dashboard by going to

And, a new wearable gadget is in the works to track your kids and pets. It’s called Findster, and the GPS tracker is different from others because there are no monthly fees. You pay once in the beginning, and you can use the service forever without paying again. Your child or pet wears a small device wirelessly connected to yours. You can see their location from your smart phone, and get alerts if they go outside a certain area. The company is in the process of raising money to launch the device. You can preorder for $99 dollars at The company expects to begin shipping in April.

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