Labor Day beach lovers come to Dauphin Island

A lot of people in our area are saying goodbye to summer by taking advantage of sunny weather and going to the beach.

Many are traveling to Dauphin Island and finding something they may not have expected when they got there.


It’s not California, but surfers found the waves pretty challenging off Dauphin Island Monday.

The take offs were smooth, but the landings weren’t.

Hap Kern of Mobile was out with a body board and described the best way to surf in lower Alabama.

He said, “You see those guys out there bobbing around out there? They’re just looking at the horizon, waiting for a hump to come along, and, when the waves hump up, pick a good one.”


Some found the strong waves good for fishing, too.

And, town leaders said many people here this weekend are from out of state.

Tricia Kerr owns the Sandbox Gift Store and she’s also the president of the Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce.

Kerr said “The real estate agents that I’ve talked to, they’re booked out, so, its been tremendous. It’s really, really been a good summer.”

We met three people from Louisville, Kentucky, who are spending a week on the island.

One said, “Its lovely. Awesome.”

Another said, “Its beautiful down here.”


And town officials said events like Sunset Jazz Concerts, are helping to bring out locals, too.

A.J Jongewaard with the Town of Dauphin Island said, “Its kind of been a banner summer, probably our strongest summer since the oil spill, since 2010.”

Eliabeth Weinacker and her family are from Mobile and brought their bikes down for the three-day weekend.

Weinacker said, “We love the small town atmosphere. It’s quiet and we feel like its safe for our children.”


Town officials are looking into additional events.

They said the jazz concerts have been such a success, they’re adding another one at the end of September.

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