Alma Bryant football players still searching for answers about stolen items

IRVINGTON, Ala. (WALA) – The Mobile Police Department continues their search for the suspects responsible for stealing personal items from Alma Bryant football players including cell phones, head phones and wallets.

Mobile County Public School System Superintendent Martha Peek confirmed items were stolen from the team’s locker room during the Theodore High School vs. Alma Bryant game Friday, August 29.

The incident happened while players were on the field at Theodore High school.

Peek told FOX10 News a resource officer is supposed to guard the locker rooms during games. Meantime, people who were at the game are wondering who would take advantage of the students.

“So many people were at the game, you don’t know who could have went in and who could have went out,” said John Luke, a senior at Alma Bryant.

Some people logged onto Twitter to share their frustrations. One person wrote, “This makes me absolutely sick.” Another tweeted, “I feel sorry for our boys.”

Justin Gardner is friends with one of the football players and says it’s been tough seeing his friend without his phone.

“Every now and then he’d reach in his pocket and check his phone. All weekend he walked around reaching for it but it ain’t there,” said Gardner.

Peek says school officials are working closely with Mobile Police to find out exactly what happened.

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