MPD investigates locker room theft during Theodore vs. Alma Bryant game

THEODORE, Ala. (WALA) – THEODORE, Ala. – Alma Bryant lost their game to Theodore Friday night by a few points, but it’s what happened during the game that has some people outraged.

The game was played at Theodore High School. While the players were busy on the field, someone helped themselves to the Alma Bryant football players personal items in the visitor’s locker room.

Holly Yonce was at the game.

“We heard a big yell and the whole team come running down the stairs”, Yonce said.

Yonce has brothers who play for Alma Bryant. She said it’s a shame that something like this could happen.

“How are they supposed to play a football game if they’re constantly worried about their belongings being safe?” she said.

Cell phones, wallets, and clothes were some of the items that were stolen.

Younce said the teams went to the locker room during halftime, so the thefts happened during the last half the game.

The thefts raise other concerns about security.

“If it could happen to that locker room that’s supposed to be locked up, how do we know its not happening to our vehicles?” Younce said.

Younce said the theft could make parents scared to go to games.

School superintendent Martha Peek told Fox 10 News that a resource officer is supposed to guard the locker rooms during games.

An investigation is underway to determine exactly what happened.

Peek said Mobile police are working with school officials who hope all the items will be recovered.

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