Summerdale police offer safety tips for holiday weekend

SUMMERDALE, Ala. (WALA) – With thousands of people hitting the roads this weekend, law enforcement officials say common sense will help keep many people safe as they travel.

“So many accidents that we respond to as police officers are preventable and they’re accidents that should not have occurred,” Summerdale Police Sgt. Hugh Bohannon said.

That’s the idea Bohannon wants people to remember as they drive this weekend. Sticking to the speed limit is a big item to bear in mind. Also: “Tailgating, a very dangerous situation, especially when you have a high volume of traffic such as we have this weekend. So you put a combination of speeding and tailgating, it’s a recipe for disaster,” Bohannon said.

A big problem, especially with young drivers, is texting while driving.

“I understand that in a 24 hour society like we live in, constant communication, people want to have that. However it is such a dangerous combination: texting and driving. And there’s been many studies done that show that that person who’s texting has the same reaction time as someone who’s been drinking,” Bohannon said.

And speaking of drinking and driving, that’s something Bohannon said, unfortunately, tends to be a part of every holiday weekend.

“Especially with football coming on and a holiday weekend, we will see an increase in DUI’s. And unfortunately, that’s just the nature of the beast,” Bohannon said.

But Bohannon hopes drivers will think twice and take steps to do the right thing when on the road.

“We all just want the citizens to have a great Labor Day weekend and be safe about it. Just use common sense,” Bohannon said.

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