Grilling for a good cause

Fired up grills ribs for child with leukemia
A local group called Fired up grills ribs to raise money for a Daphne child with leukemia.

DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA) – A three year old boy who has been fighting cancer is getting some help with his medical bills Friday.

It was thanks to some hungry people in the Mobile area, as well as members of a charitable group that organized an unusual fund raiser.


Three year old Shephard Hall loves to go exploring with his twin brother, Sawyer.

But, there was one morning when he couldn’t walk.

Shephard was later diagnosed with leukemia.

His mother, Brady Hall, said, “Remission is their goal within the first month, so, he hit that back last September. And then, there’s intense treatment up until April.”

Even though Shephard’s getting better, medical bills, past and future, are expensive.


That’s where a group called “Fired Up, Incorporated” comes in.

Michael Dewberry with Fired Up, Incorporated, said, “We go out and we do fund raisers for free.”

Their fund raisers involve cooking ribs: lots of them.

Dewberry said, “We’re out here cooking 232 slabs of ribs that are all pre-sold. The cost of the meat was all sponsored by various corporations. Its all covered, so, 100 percent of the proceeds are going to Shephard.”


Brady Hall said, “We’re blown away by the amount of support that we’ve seen through this. I know last fall we did this and we probably didn’t even do a third of what we’ve raised today.”

In the meantime, the Halls hope Shephard keeps making progress.

So does his twin brother, Sawyer.

Brady Hall said, “When Shephard has been impatient and not been able to be with Sawyer, you can tell a big change in Sawyer’s personality. They really depend on each other, and that’s one dynamic that’s there.”

The Halls believe Friday’s fundraiser was another important step.

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