New legislation possible on Alabama constables

Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran stopped by Studio10 to expand on his interview special he did with Fox10 News regarding constables.

Sheriff Cochran continues to advocate for new legislation involving the position of constable, including asking for a governing board and minimum standard of training. Cochran said he knows of several pieces of legislation expected to be presented in the near future.

Right now, Cochran said Mobile County constables answer to no one, except the voters. He said being elected is as easy as writing in a name on the ballot. Cochran said the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is in no way affiliated with the constables, but he said he will be heavily involved when the new legislation is presented.

Sheriff Cochran was recently featured in a special report by Renee Dials on constables that takes in in-depth look into the position. Here’s a link to that story:

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