New App: “Mix” for Custom Filters

The newest Apple gadget is on the way. According to the tech news site Re-code, Apple is getting ready to unveil its iWatch in September. The smart watch is rumored to have some cool features, like a fitness tracking app called Healthkit. It could also have a way for you to control the smart devices in your home like the lights and garage door, all from your wrist. Apple would not comment on the report.

Need some money for school? Amazon will award 50 college scholarships to promote its student program, Amazon Student. Amazon Student is a discounted version of Amazon Prime that offers deals, unlimited streaming, and other promotions to students for $49 dollars a year.

And, do you ever get tired of using the same old filters in Instagram? Now, a new Android app is giving you lots more options. It’s called Mix, and it has 115 pre-made filters! It’s different from the rest because it also lets you create your own custom filters. You can add things like texture, tint, and lighting effects. If you like it, you can save the filter to use again. So go ahead and Mix it up! It’s free in the Google Play store. And don’t worry iPhone users. According to its website, your app will be here soon.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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