Former county finance director to Stimpson: “Take care of your people first”

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The former Mobile County finance director says Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson should put people first and infrastructure second.

If Stimpson’s proposed budget is passed, Medicare-eligible retirees will be cut off from the city’s health plan. The city will provide $175 monthly subsidy toward supplemental coverage for Medicare eligible retirees for four years. The proposed budget will also boost the capital improvement fund 400 percent.

The budget issue hits close to home for Susan Morrison. Not only did she balance budget for a living, but she’s married to a city of Mobile retiree.

“We can’t just run out and get a job. I’m 60, he’s 74,” said Morrison.

Morrison will also be cut off from the county’s insurance plan when she is eligible for Medicare. But, she says, she’s known that all along. Unlike her husband who claims he was promised city benefits throughout his career and is shocked by the possibility of it being taken away.

“That promise may have been an implied commitment by the city rather than a concrete, contractual, legally binding promise,” said Chief of Staff Colby Cooper.

Although Stimpson is focused on reeling back benefits for retirees, Cooper says they have the attention of the administration.

“We are listening compassionately and thoughtfully to all of the points that the retirees the employees are making,” said Cooper.


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