Celebrating the return of college football

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Ask anyone in Alabama and they’ll tell you there’s a lot of passion when it comes to college football.

That’s why Fox10 News headed to Buffalo Wild Winds Thursday, August 28 when college football kicked off. Three SEC teams took the field.

Football fans said they’ve been counting down the days.

“I have a whiteboard at work and my co-workers can attest to this, but I’ve been counting down since day 200 or so,” said football fan Mark Barnett.

Of course, what is football without a good rivalry?

A Texas A&M fan just happened to be sharing the bar with South Carolina fan John Havard Thursday night. Havard said he was waiting for a big win but that didn’t happen when the Aggies defeated the Gamecocks 52-28.

Ole Miss fan Trey Rishe said he was nervous about the game against Boise State.

“You don’t know what you’re getting into. It could go really well or it could go south real quick.  We will just have to see,” Rishe said.

Rishe said at the end of the day with a win or a loss, he’s just glad football season is back.

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