Student: “He pulled out the gun, aimed at him and clicked it twice”

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Christian Bethel was feet away from what could have been a tragedy in the hallway of Vigor High School Wednesday, August 27 when he said a freshmen pulled out a gun on a senior.

Bethel said they were in between classes around 10:30 Wednesday morning when it looked like a fight was about to break out in the hallway and a teacher went to check it out.

“They were standing in front of the doorway and the student was like, what you got in your pocket? And then he pulled out the gun, aimed at him and he clicked it twice,” Bethel described.

Officials said the gun was a .22 caliber revolver and that it was loaded. The gun jammed when the student attempted to fire it.

“Some student knocked it out of his hand and then the teacher ran over and slammed the boy, picked up the gun,” Bethel said.

The school immediately went into lockdown and an alert was sent to parents.

“We got a phone call and an email. Then I text my son and asked him what happened and was he okay,” said Yvette Bethel Quinney, Christian’s mother.

The 14-year old who police said pulled the gun on the senior was taken to Strickland Youth Center. He will be charged as a minor in possession of a firearm but other charges could be added.

Bethel said he still feels safe at school and “not all the students are like that, they give us a safe environment.”

He also said there were a lot of teachers around when the incident happened.

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