Stimpson’s budget puts millions towards fixing roads, sidewalks

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA )- Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s proposed budget puts $14 million dollars towards capital improvement projects like fixing roads and sidewalks.

To help drive his point home, Stimpson showed a map of all the capital projects that have been left untouched for years during the city council meeting Tuesday, August 27.

He says there are 844 projects that need attention and investing in them will spark positive change throughout the city.

“Growing Mobile smartly is vitally important, because in doing so we’ll increase our revenue stream. Increasing our revenue stream will create opportunities to spend money in areas that have been neglected over several decades. The end result will lead to infrastructure improvements that are essential to an improved quality of life for all citizens,” Stimspon said during his State of the Union address.

Juanita Sturdivant has lived on Texas Street for more than 25 years and she’s never gotten used to the rugged road.

“When you’re coming up the street and you’re looking at all these little barricades… that really doesn’t make our neighborhood look very nice,” said Sturdivant.

If Stimpson’s budget is approved, Sturdivant’s street would be one of many to get improvements. Ann Street in midtown is another trouble area Stimpson has his eye on.

“Ann street is horrible. It may be the worst street in Mobile,” said one driver.

The Mayor isn’t putting a timeline on the projects but says roads and sidewalks would be continually worked on throughout the years.

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