New App: “Hyperlapse” by Instagram

Instagram is making it easy and free for users to be a little more creative. The company has built a brand new app called Hyperlapse that uses standard video from your smart phone to create professional looking timelapse videos. So you don’t need the expensive photography equipment to get the same look as a timelapse you might shoot with a Pro camera. The app is used to change the speed of playback for your videos. Your playback speed is combined with some automatic stabilization effects to give your video an extremely different final effect. Sorry Android users, right now, Hyperlapse is only available for iPhone. An Android app is in the works, but first requires some changes to the phone’s camera.

Madden NFL 15 is now on sale! It’s the 26th title in publisher Electronic Arts’ successful franchise. The game costs $60 and it’s available for play on Xbox and the Playstation 3 and 4, but Microsoft is offering a bundle with the Xbox One for $400.

And, get ready for the giant iPad! Bloomberg reports Apple suppliers are gearing up for a 12.9-inch screen iPad early next year. That’s more than 3 inches bigger than the current iPad. The bigger screens may help Apple get new customers.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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