Charges upgraded against 14-year-old Vigor student


UPDATE: According to the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office, charges are being upgraded to attempted murder in an incident involving a student bringing a gun to school at Vigor High.


Scary moments at a Mobile High School Wednesday morning, August, 27.

Prichard police said a student tried to fire a gun at another student at Vigor High School. The disturbance happened shortly before 10:30 a.m.

Investigation underway

Prichard Police and Mobile Public School Officials have been piecing the information together.

Nancy Pierce with Mobile County Public Schools said, “A student had a gun and it was loaded, and he took it out and aimed it another student, and the gun misfired.”

Capt. Walter Knight with the Prichard Police Department said, “During an altercation with another student, he attempted to pull the trigger on the weapon twice.”

Pierce added, “The gun was hit out of his hand by another student.”

And Captain Knight said, “One of the faculty members, immediately after the trigger was pulled twice, took him down to the ground.”

Cell phone video

FOX10 News has obtained cell phone video of what we’re told is a faculty member picking up the gun in a hallway where the incident happened. Neither police nor school officials would say who it was.

Knight said, “The weapon was loaded, but it didn’t go off.”

Prichard police said the gun was a .22 caliber revolver. School officials said the student who pulled the gun was a freshman and the student he aimed it at was a senior.

Prichard Police Officer Robert Thompson was on the scene. When asked about the actions of the student who police say tried to fire the gun he said, “I didn’t get no response from him at the time.”

Minor in possession of a firearm charge

While we were interviewing police in Prichard, Captain Knight said the juvenile was still at headquarters and being questioned. He would then be taken to Strickland Youth Center and charged with a minor in possession of a firearm, but other charges may be added.

Knight said, “It was between classes, but, we’re quite sure there were a lot of witnesses.”

Police said the school was locked down 45 minutes to an hour.

Melanie Baldwin with the City of Prichard said, “Firearms are weapons, and those weapons can, like today, not go off. But, if it had gone off, it would have changed this juvenile’s life forever.”

Parents received text from their children about gun incident at Vigor

The students had only been at school a couple of hours when the Vigor High School campus went into lock down. By the time the situation was under control some parents were already at the school to get their kids.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with these kids these days, because they are out of control,” Ernestine Mitchell said.

Mitchell received a text from her frightened granddaughter Wednesday morning.

“A shooter, and they had them on lock down, and then I text her back and said what I’m supposed to do? She said I don’t know,” Mitchell said.

But a short time later the students were told they could go home, and Mitchell and many other parents and guardians headed to the campus.

“He said they were shooting,” another parent said.

The mother said she had just one thought.

“Come and get her. So, I’m coming to get her,” she said.

Some parents weren’t sure what was going on, because apparently their children didn’t know initially why they were in lockdown.

“She didn’t tell me anything about it. She just text me and told me to come pick her up, so I’m on my way to pick her up now,” another woman said.

“We were concerned, so we’re coming to get her so we can take her home,” a student’s older sister said.

Thankfully no one was hurt during the incident. School officials have not said how many students went home early.

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