GoPro cameras going to the dogs

Make way for GoPro Fetch!  It’s a mount for GoPro cameras that lets users capture the world from their dogs point of view.

GoPro cameras are known for being lightweight, rugged, wearable or mountable in unusual places such as outside planes, cars, boats or army tanks.  People have used the tiny portable cameras just about everywhere, and for just about everything including: stunt documentaries, zip lining adventures in the dessert, or running marathons.

The GoPro Fetch harness features two mounting locations: the chest, and the back, for over-the-head shots.  So no matter what your pup is up to you, running, digging, exploring, you can record it.

The add-on includes a camera tether and water resistance, too, so your companion can play rough without losing any equipment.

Fetch costs $59.99 and that doesn’t include the camera.  There might be a little bit of a wait time.  As of Wednesday afternoon, the product was already out of stock.

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