Behind the scenes at American Idol Auditions

The next season of American Idol starts in just a few months and Cherish Lombard got the chance to go behind the scenes! And she always wants to take you with her for fun adventures like that! 

Here’s how it all works. Contestants audition for Idol producers months before you watch American Idol here on Fox 10. A lot of work goes into putting this show together, which is why filming starts way before the show does.

If the contestants make it through the first audition round, they get to sing for the Idol judges. That’s been going on in New Orleans for the past two days.

Contestants line up early each morning, before they’re taken into a holding room. This is the one at the New Orleans Convention Center. It’s like a big party inside!
But make no mistake, only some of the best singers make it this far. Most of the people you’ll see in this footage are family and friends of Idol hopefuls, like Glennellen Anderson from Foley. When contestants leave the holding room, they go into “the chamber,” and finally in front of the judges who decide if they’re going to Hollywood!

Cherish Lombard asked the judges what they expect from Idol hopefuls this season.

“It’s about really knowing, practicing, getting yourself ready do that when those moments come, when you are standing there on front of the judges that you can really deliver,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Keith Urban said, “That’s what should be at the center of all performances is that sense of just playing in your bedroom, your garage, your attack, your basement, wherever.”

“You have to be ready for luck, you have to be prepared for the day your life could change whether it means learning your lyrics or having time onstage to perform, just be ready because it’s coming your way,” said Harry Connick Jr.

Since we are taking you behind the scenes, we can’t leave this out. Harry Connick Jr. is from New Orleans and showed up at auditions Wednesday on a Mardi Gras float! It was a classic moment!

And you can’t have American Idol without Ryan Seacrest. He’s been hosting the show since the very first season, and says he stays in touch with a lot of the former contestants.

“What’s always fun is the moment when a cover contestant comes in and they’ve got their first single and then on the countdown, the American Top 40 we’ve had so many artists come through that have hits and multiple hits on the countdown so that’s always a really co thing to see the product of all their hard work. But you do get to know them,” said Ryan.

The next season of American idol starts at the beginning of the year and if you just watched this video, you just got your first look at what’s to come!

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