Judge to decide if Hallie Dixon will be removed from case

BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WALA) – In a motion hearing Wednesday, August 27, in Baldwin County Circuit Court, a judge will hear an appeal from District Attorney Hallie Dixon to keep her on a case. This comes after an attorney filed a motion asking that Dixon and her office be disqualified from his client’s case. The motion alleges she has used her office for personal gain and it would be hypocritical to leave her on the case.

On August 11, Dixon returned to work after an extended vacation to face scrutiny and questions. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) launched an investigation related to her and her office. At the time, Dixon acknowledged the investigation, but would not comment on any details. Rumors spread that she may resign, but she quickly put that to rest.

“I can unequivocally say that is absolutely incorrect. There is nothing that has been said or can be said that would make me entertain the idea of resigning this position,” she said on August 11.

One day later, attorney Julian Brackin filed a motion in circuit court on behalf of his client, Edward Burshaw, who works in the culinary department at Faulkner State. Burshaw is accused of using his position for personal gain while hosting a wedding reception. In his motion, Brackin accuses Dixon of using her position to “satisfy her sexual needs through employees in her office.”

Fairhope attorney Robert Stankoski, who has no connection to the case, says that this kind of motion is very uncommon.

“The DA’s office is charged with prosecuting individuals and a motion to file for disqualification would be a very unusual move,” Stankoski said.

Presiding Circuit Court Judge Robert Wilters agrees. Although he declined to go on camera regarding the specifics of the case, he did comment on its unusual nature. He told FOX10 News that there are likely no other cases like this where a District Attorney has been implicated that can be referenced for the rule of law.

Judge Joseph Norton will be ruling on the motion and Wilters said they’ve discussed the case. He said because of the attention it’s received by the public and the media, transparency will be a priority.

There could be a ruling on the case as early as Wednesday if Judge Norton decides to rule from the bench. He could, however, take it under consideration and pass that ruling at a later date.

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