Instagram’s new time lapse app

Instagram is debuting a new app for time lapse enthusiasts.  Time lapse are those really cool videos shot over an extended period of time, and crunched into a shorter time frame to make it seem like life is zipping by.

Creating a time lapse with your smartphone can be tricky unless you have some sort of tripod, mostly because it’s not easy holding the camera steady on your own.  Instagram says that’s where its Hyperlapse app comes into play.

Hyperlapse is a free download in Apple’s iTunes store. It allows users to create time lapse videos with cinematic quality. To get started the app needs access to your camera and microphone.  From there, tap the record button to start and stop recording.

Hyperlapse will stabilize the video for you.  When you are finished recording, you can speed up the playback or slow it down –from 1x to 12x. The finished projects can be saved to your camera roll and shared on Facebook or Instagram with all the usual filters.


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