Daily Weather Forecast

Temperatures feel much better outside today, with lower humidity. Daytime highs are much closer to 90 degrees. Overnight lows tonight will be mild, with lows near 70. Temperatures will be near average for the remainder of the week. Rain chances will be isolated. Shower chances increase for Labor Day Weekend

An upper disturbance is combining with an inverted surface trough over the northern Gulf. This is not expected to form into anything tropical. Its drifting west towards Texas, and will bring an increase in showers to Houston area by Thursday and Friday.

Hurricane Cristobal is located about several hundred miles n’east of the outer Bahamian Islands. This feature will remain over open waters this week, tracking between North Carolina and Bermuda. It’s no threat to our area or the U.S. The next wave along the ITCZ is not expected to develop in the short term. There is a low chance it could become the next system as it approaches the Caribbean late this week.

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