Two Mobile fire stations temporarily closed

A fire station in Mobile closed Monday morning for what’s expected to be several months for building repairs.

It joins another station that’s closed indefinitely because of water damage.


Fire Station Number 11 on South Broad Street closed Monday morning for roof repairs.

Officials said the roof may have to be replaced.

Steve Huffman with Mobile Fire-Rescue said, “They had a lot of water damage. They had rotted wood.”

It’s not expected to open until January.


Also closed is Fire Station 15, on Moffett Road.

It’s been closed already for about a month and will stay closed indefinitely because of water damage and rotten wood.

Huffman said, “Now, what they’ve done is an environmental study to determine if there is any mold or any spores or anything like that that may exist.”


He said moving the trucks means response time in the two areas will be slowed, but, are people safe?

Huffman said, “Yes, they’re going to be safe. They’re still going to be responsive. We’re not going to stop responding to this area. We have trucks that are in close proximity that will fill the gap. and, it’s just like any other day. If these trucks were out on a call, then stations from another location would respond in their place.”

Huffman said there are two fire stations less than two miles away from the Broad Street station.


Are neighborhood residents concerned?

Cynthia Sewell, who lives near Broad Street, said, “I’m going to miss them. I just noticed all the cars were gone just now. But, I hope they come back soon.”

A man who also lives in the area said, “I don’t know. I imagine they got another (truck) somewhere else, so somebody (will) come to the rescue.”

Fire officials also said there are two stations less than two and a half miles away from the Moffett Road station.

Jonathon Byrd works near Moffett Road and said, “The response time? I think Mobile firefighters, they can get there pretty quick to help out anybody that’s having a problem.”

Fire officials believe they can too, but everyone hopes that won’t be put to the test.

As for the station on Broad Street, Huffman said fire trucks may be moved to a temporary location in Brookley Field, and that stations have closed before without any problems.

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