The importance of a homework routine

The new school year is well underway and with that comes work both in the classroom and out. 

Depending on how old your kids are — that homework can be quite time-consuming! It’s important that children develop a positive attitude when it comes to homework. Experts say there is no one sure-fire way to be successful at homework.  Because children all learn and study differently. Some kids get the best results when they do homework right after school, others are more successful after a break — a snack, after school activity or time to play. Whatever works for your kids, make it the routine.

Michelle Steiner is an Eighth Grade Counselor at Causey Middle School. She says routines make it easier on your child.

“Routines are established so it’s something you do every day without thinking and it doesn’t become a battle between the child and the parent.   So, this is what we do at 5:00, this is what we do after dinner, this is what we do after bath time or something like that,” explains Steiner.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Have a specific place to do the homework, someplace distraction-free, with all the supplies they may need.
  • Parents remember — this is your children’s homework. If they don’t figure it out themselves, they won’t be able to do it at school.
  • Get with each child to figure out their schedule. You need to include all their after school activities and clubs to make sure they can balance it all out. Children -adults – everyone is more successful when they know what’s expected of them!
  • If your kids are struggling, talk to the teacher. They may have some ideas on how to help. You could also consider a tutor. And, there’s a website that’s designed to give homework help in the afternoons and evenings.


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