SideChef Recipe App for iPhone

You may have to rethink if you plan on buying the new iPhone 6 on launch day. Apple suppliers are reportedly having trouble producing enough screens for the 4.7 inch iPhone. Apple is expected to release that phone, and a larger 5.5 inch phone at the same time. The delay could mean fewer devices on store shelves, at least during the first weeks after launch.

And, if you like experimenting in the kitchen you’ll like this: A new cooking app called Sidechef has launched for the iPhone. It features step-by-step instructions for more than a thousand recipes. Each recipe includes visual and voice instructions, and automatic timers to help cooks through the entire cooking process. You can even use the app to learn some quality cooking techniques. The recipes range from every day meals to exquisite entrees. You can get the Sidechef app in the Apple app store.

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