New residential development in Spanish Fort?

SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WALA) – Hawthorne Properties is asking the Spanish Fort Planning Commission for permission to build 1,875 residential lots on about 1,150 acres of land about seven miles north of I-10 and a mile and a half east of highway 225.

They say it will be an extension of Whitehouse Creek Plantation.  The blueprint covers a huge amount of area and includes different sized lots, but it’s far from finished.

“It’s just a master plan where they show us approximately where they’re going to put everything, where the roads will be,” said Bruce D. Renkert with the city of Spanish Fort.

About three hundred acres of the property are unusable because it is designated wetlands Contractors will have to build an estimated million dollar bridge over some of the wetlands before they can even start.

A representative with the developer told us that this could be a lengthy building process. Their plan begins with four phases they hope to complete in about two years. If approved, contractors will build fifty lots in each phase for a total of 200. The first phase starts at the end of Antebellum Boulevard and builds north from there.

He says it may be decades before the entire project is completed.

Already, a few local community members are worried about the effects of a new development.

“I’m just concerned that there may be over-development in an environmentally sensitive area,” said Ronald Gibson who lives nearby. He and two other neighbors came to the work session to express their concerns.

“I’m worried that construction above Bromley Road will put sediment into the creek and disturb the water quality,” Gibson said.

Renkert says if the plan is approved, that will be something they monitor closely.

There will be a public hearing on September 8th for anyone who would like to express opinions or concerns.

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