Director: Stimpson’s budget put Boys and Girls Clubs in jeopardy

The Executive Director of Boys and Girls Clubs of South Alabama says Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s proposed budget would directly affect some of the families it serves.

The organization asked the city of Mobile for $450,000 for fiscal year 2015. After Stimpson’s office asked organizations to revise their requests, the non-profit asked for the same amount it received this year: $339,754.

Stimpson is proposing $125,000. An amount that Mary Zoghby, the executive director, says is not enough to keep some services going. Especially in the following locations where families take on less cost.

Kiwanis Unit: Toulminville, Downtown Mobile and Trinity Gardens

Optimist Unit:  R.V. Taylor Housing Complex, Birdville, Maysville and D.I.P

Roger Williams Unit: Roger Williams Community
“I don’t know where we are going to find $200,000 to keep these clubs functioning,” said Zoghby. “Frankly speaking without an outpouring of funds from the private sector I don’t see that we can stay In be able to offer these services,” she said.

People living in the Roger Williams community say they need the club now more than ever.

“If they close it down…the kids it’s going to be rough. The really wouldn’t have anywhere to go” said Francis Blunt.

Stimpson says the city needs to focus on putting tax dollars towards things like public safety and infrastructure, rather than contributing major dollars towards non-profits.



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