Homeless vet works to transform neglected house into home

Judy McMillian with The Common Touch Inc. was out in the blazing heat Saturday, August 23 helping renovate a home for army veteran Jason Marshall.

Marshall said he served from 1998-2001 and was injured during service. He also said he suffers from PTSD. The past three years, Marshall said he’s been homeless off and on.

“I came back thinking I’ll be able to find a job because of the military background but due to the medication I was put on and what I saw in the service, it was a little difficult,” Marshall said.

That’s when McMillian stepped in. She is helping turn a neglected house into a home for Marshall and his family.

“Instead of living in blight we’re going to renovate it and make it a permanent home for this veteran family,” McMillian said.

“As a veteran when you try to serve your county, when you come back you feel like ‘I did this for my country’. When no one helps you, you feel thrown away, a castaway,” Marshall voiced.

Braving the heat, Marshall worked with the team to fix up the house for him and his family.

“The heat is motivation because the harder we work, the quicker we will get it done and the quicker we will be inside the house,” Marshall said.

Marshall said he’s excited and about the new home and he’s ready to put in the work.

McMillian said she wants to help transform other neglected houses and needs more hands to help with Marshall’s soon to be new house.

You can reach McMillian on Facebook or by phone: (251)605-6464.

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