Vine Update Allows Video Importing

Vine has released an update that finally lets users import video from their camera. Before the update, users had to record their video from directly within the app. You can even import video that you’ve downloaded from friends. Also, Vine now supports slow motion video from the iPhone. In addition to importing videos, Vine is offering more editing tools including a mute button to turn off the sound. A preview has been added, as well as an undo button.

Walmart is offering the iPhone 5C for just 97 cents, with a 2-year contract. Apple will likely unveil its latest iPhone September 9th.

And, here’s something for the kids: A new app called Kuddle provides a safe way for kids to get introduced to social media, while being under a parent’s watchful eye. It’s a photo-sharing app, much like a restricted version of Instagram. Children can share pictures in a protected environment, safe from cyberbullying or unwanted connections from strangers. Children have to enter their parents email to sign up. It’s safe because the child’s picture can’t be seen by others until the parent approves the account. Parents are notified every time their child posts a photo and every time they add a friend. No comments are allowed on photos, and a child’s location is never given away.

That’s your Daily Tech.

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