Elberta police seize guns, money, meth during traffic stop

ELBERTA, Ala. (WALA) – Elberta police said a car driven by Jordan Kitchens sped past an officer on Old Foley Road, then blew through a stop sign early Wednesday morning, August 21. An officer was able to eventually catch up with Kitchens.

“He got him out of the vehicle. Mr. Kitchens had a bag of marijuana poking out of one pocket of his pants and a loaded handgun in his belt line,” Chief Stan DeVane said.

But that wasn’t all the officer found. According to police, Kitchens also had assault weapons, meth, nearly $4,000 in cash, a money counter and scales.

DeVane said the bust was a big one for his department.

“This is the largest amount that we have made an arrest on since I’ve been here in 10 and a half years. Estimated street value if it’s been cut a couple of times is probably around $55 to $60,000,” DeVane said.

While the quantity may have been rare, the crime isn’t.

“There’s a huge meth problem in the United States as a whole, not just our area, because it’s so easy to make and it’s such a profitable drug that it’s just going to be hard to stomp it out. But all we can do just keep trying and keep making these arrests and hope some of these people get the message,” DeVane said.

Elberta police said the case is mostly closed, but some investigative work is still being done on Kitchens. They said he could face additional charges, including distribution.

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