Body found in yard of abandoned home, neighbors scared

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Crime scene tape stretched a across a yard on Clay Street the morning of Friday, August 22 after Mobile Police said a body was found. Neighbors said the crime is too close to home and they’re scared.

“It kind of shocked me just a little bit to hear something like that,” Kimberly Young, who lives around the corner from Clay Street, said.

A neighbor who asked to remain anonymous said a woman’s body was found in the backyard of an abandoned home but police have not confirmed that information.

“It really surprised us. You would have never thought that would have happened. She’s somebody’s daughter she might be somebody’s mother, niece. She has family,” the woman said.

Neighbors said street has become area prostitutes frequent

 Some are afraid to let their kids play outside.

“Kids see things they shouldn’t see, you know, from prostitution to selling drugs, they shouldn’t see things like that,” one neighbor said.

There’s been discussion of asking for more police patrol or setting up a community watch program. All residents FOX10 News spoke with said they want the abandoned houses on the street cleaned up. They believe that will help bring crime down.

“There are too many abandoned houses around here. I stay right by one and I be trying to watch out for the abounded houses,” Young said.

The mothers in the neighborhood said they just want a safe place to raise their family.

Police have not released any more information about the body.

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