Christmas Town in August: Mobile landmark to close its doors

Store to close after 38 years in business, holds sale

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – A landmark store in Mobile for 38 years is closing its doors.

Robert Moore’s Christmas Town began holding a clearance sale Thursday, August 21 that attracted a big crowd.


More than a hundred people walked through the store doors when it opened. Some waited in line for about an hour.

Many had fond memories of shopping here in the past.

One shopper said, “My grandmother started bringing us here 38 years ago.”

Another shopper said, “They have been here forever, and I am so sad to see them close and leave.”

And when asked what he liked about the place, one child said, “That Christmas tree.”


There are many Christmas trees here, and much more. Music has added to the atmosphere of a store where every day is Christmas.

Owner Robert Moore started the business as a nursery and a florist shop, and it evolved into gifts and Christmas.

Moore said, “We got tired of packing up Christmas every year and, so, we decided we were going to leave Christmas out.”


However, there aren’t just Christmas gifts here.

There’s everything from religious items, crystal and porcelain.

Moore said, “There are so many things from all across the world,” to Wizard of Oz figurines, and even football posters.


Robert Moore said its time to close the store, “Mainly because of my health. I’m 78-years-old, and you get tired sometimes and just really can’t go on.”

However, he does plan to go on and keep Christmas Town open, at least through one more season.

When asked if it was an emotional time, Moore said, “It really is, it really is. Other people retire, but, it’s just not the same.”

Moore said the store will remain open until all the items are sold, and that’s expected to be by December 27 or earlier.

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