AC business preparing for busy, hot weekend

ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WALA) – With the hot sun beating down on South Alabama and the heat indexes rising, air conditioning businesses are gearing up for a very busy weekend.

Zack Williams, the owner of Middle Bay Services in Robertsdale, said they are doubling their on call staff for the weekend. He said we’re above the threshold for air conditioners to work efficiently. That means in this extreme heat AC units may not cool properly and may even break.

Williams said that you can prevent your air conditioner from being overworked by performing regular maintenance in the spring or fall. You can even do maintenance in the summer. That includes cleaning your unit.

“Cleaning the units really does effect how they operate and how efficient they are,” said Williams. “If the outdoor coals are dirty then it’s going to be harder for the air conditioner to cool so you want to make sure those are clean.”

Cleaning is also important in keeping your energy bill down. Other ways to save energy include insulating your home properly, keeping your blinds closed when the sun is beaming in, and using a programmable thermostat.

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