Flappy Bird Creator Makes “Swing Copters”

Listen up gamers, the creator of Flappy Bird has developed a new game for us all to become addicted to. Get your thumbs ready! This one is called Swing Copters. Players fly vertically while trying to avoid swinging objects. Points are earned as you navigate higher. The game is expected to launch tomorrow. There’s a free version that supports ads, or you can pay 99 cents for the ad-free version.

And, a new photo-sharing app is helping people make connections. It’s called Looksee, and it’s kind of a mash-up of the dating app Tinder, and Instagram. The way it works is users anonymously post pictures. When two users mutually like one another’s pictures, their identities are revealed to one another. After a match takes place, you can begin messaging each other directly within the app, or you can get connected on other sites like Facebook or Instagram. One co-founder thinks the app will encourage deeper friendships and possibly even relationships to blossom. Looksee is free, and is in the Apple app store.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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