New Apps: Dstrux & Petpoc

iPhone users can take advantage of self-destructing files thanks to a new app called Dstrux. The sender can use the app to set a time limit for their picture before it destroys itself. The difference between this and other self-destructing apps is Dstrux doesn’t allow you to take screenshots of the picture before it self destructs. It doesn’t let you print the picture, or save it to your computer or to a cloud service. If a friend wants to share your picture, it notifies the sender, and if you don’t like where it’s being sent, you can immediately terminate access to everyone. Once a file is deleted or terminated, it’s shredded from the Dstrux servers, leaving no trace that it was sent. It’s available in the Apple app store. An Android app should be here next month.

And, if you like taking pictures of your pet, you’ll love this new app. It’s called Petpoc, and it’s for every kind of pet, from dogs and cats to birds and rabbits. The photobooth lets you take beautiful pictures of your pet, and you can make them extra-cute by adding custom stickers. You can even make your pet the player in some of your favorite games. The more you use the app, the more coins you add to your piggy-bank, which can be used to buy new stickers and games. Petpoc is free, and it’s in the Apple app store.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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