Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

David Greene joined us on Studio10 to talk about the questions you should ask your attorney before you hire them to handle your personal injury case.

The content below was provided by the folks at Greene and Phillips: 

That first question you should ask the attorney is how many cases like mine have handled. You want to make sure your lawyer has experience handling your type of cases. Lawyer handle all sorts of cases, and some may not have much experience in personal injury. You can ask them, have you handled a case like mine before? Have you dealt with this insurance company before? Do you have established relationships with the insurance adjustors?

Greene & Phillips has handled thousands of personal injury cases including many car wreck cases, trucking accident cases, slip & fall, trip and falls, workers comp, industrial accidents, and more.

Another thing you’ll want to ask about is what systems are in place to make sure my case is handled efficiently? We’ve all been to or seen on tv law firms that have boxes of files everywhere. That’s the old way law was done. Unfortunately this old way meant lost files, forgotten clients, and slow settlements. When we started Greene & Phillips, we realized that it was important to use technology to keep up with cases. We use an advanced paperless system that ensures no file or record gets lost or misplaced and that there is always a staff member or lawyer working to move the case toward settlement. With this system we are settling claims faster than we were just a few years ago. It’s very important when you are

There’s a third question you should ask, and it’s about settlements and verdicts. You need to ask about what settlements and verdicts the lawyer has had with your type of case. You can ask them, what verdicts and settlements have you had with my type of case? What are they? That’s ok to ask them. It’s important to ask this because you need to make sure you are going to get the full value of your claim.

Does Greene & Phillips have any notable settlements?
Greene & Phillips has recovered verdicts and settlements for their clients of $1 million up to $9.5 million dollars, not every case is going to be worth that much, but we will look at the evidence, look at the injuries, and look at the different insurance policies available to cover the incident, and get you the most money we can for your claim.


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